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Mini-Wax Stone setting robot

Mini-Wax Stone setting robot.png
  • Can meet the inlaid processing of wax molds of jewelry, gold, silver and copper on a 360°stereoscopic cambered surface.

  • Strength of making moulds quickly. Specially-made moulding cement will be attached randomly, which can be quickly moulded; the cement is durable and not easy to be deformed;

  • Needle aligns automaticly and precisely. It's easy to be operated.

  • Support to process various kinds of stones.

  • Speed up to 6000-8000 grains/hour;

  • One piece of Device can replace 4-8 people, saving a lot of human resources for the production and processing of the entire jewelry industry.

  • Stone heating function, improves the pass rate and reduces the dropping stones rate.

Product Specification

Mini-Wax Stone setting robot.png
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