Cad Cast

Plastic 3D Printing

A selection of plastic materials for all uses.

We offer 3D printing services in a wide range of plastic materials suitable for a multitude of applications.

Whether you require fine, detailed parts or robust parts with good mechanical properties, we have you covered.

Still not sure which technology or material you need? No problem, send us as email and we will advise you.

Fused Deposition Modeling​

Maximum Size:

  • 406 x 355 x 406 mm

Available materials:

  • ABS (M30) - Black, White, Natural

  • PC (Polycarbonate) - Natural

Suitable for:

  • Functional prototypes and end-use parts

  • Manufacturing tools, jigs & fixtures



Maximum Size:

  • 650 x 750 x 550 mm

Available materials:

  • Accura Extreme (ABS like) - Grey

  • Accura 25 (PP like) - White

  • Accura Clearvue (PC like) - Clear

Suitable for:

  • Cosmetic prototypes

  • Form and fit testing

  • High accuracy and surface quality


Selective Laser Sintering​

Maximum Size:

  • 340 x 340 x 600 mm

Available materials:

  • PA2200 Nylon - White

Suitable for:

  • Durable prototypes

  • Functional, end-use parts

  • Complex geometries


Multijet Fusion​​

Maximum Size:

  • 380 x 284 x 380 mm

Available materials:

  • PA12 Nylon - Black

Suitable for:

  • Parts requiring consistent isotropic mechanical properties

  • Functional prototypes and end-use parts

  • Complex geometries with fine features



Maximum Size:

  • 294 x 192 x 148 mm

Available materials:

  • Vero Black

  • Vero White

Suitable for:

  • Simulating elastomers and flexible parts

  • Two-tone colors and multiple material parts

  • Manufacturing complex part geometries

Polyjet 1.png