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BIG- 60

Modix BIG-60 v3 3D printer is our flagship 3D printer model. Introduced back in 2017 and now in its third version, Modix BIG-60 presents a competitive mixture of large build volume, premium components and affordable price. The improvements made in V3 are shared with all other models. Here are a few unique specifications:

Product Description:

  • Delivery: self assembly kit

  • Print volume: 600 X 600 X 660 mm (XYZ).

  • Machine Size (WxDxH): 906x1060x1,356 mm

  • Shipping Weight: 140 KG (depend on add-on selection)

  • Enclosure: Optional

  • Secondary print head: optional

  • Z Axis Guides: Smooth rods, Hiwin rails – optional

Modix BIG-60 Visual Tour

Modix-big-60 1.png

Easy access from both top lid and frontal doors.


Easy User Interface  – 7 inch touchscreen & web-access (WiFi) interface

Modix-big-60 2.png

Feeding filament through the filament run-out sensor.

Air-Filter- 1.jpg

Printing with Modix’s Air filter device allows printing with advanced materials.

Modix-big-60 3.png

Large 3D printing space for any of your large projects.


Dual print head for printing with support materials.

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