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Cad Cast

Metal Casting Molds & Patterns


3D printed metal casting molds & patterns

We are able to supply 3D printed sand casting molds and investment casting patterns.

The 3D printing technology is ideal for prototypes and short production runs as it does not require the manufacturing of expensive sand casting patterns or investment casting injection molds.

Using 3D printing technology also allows for the production of complex geometries that are impossible to manufacture with conventional processes.

Sand 3D Printing​

Maximum Size:

  • 4,000 x 2,000 x 1,000 mm

Available materials:

  • GS14 Silica Sand (0.14 mm grain size)

  • GS19 Silica Sand (0.19 mm grain size)

  • GS25 Silica Sand (0.25 mm grain size)

  • Cereabeads

Suitable for:

  • Sand Casting molds and cores

  • Laminating patterns for composites

Cad-Cast-Services-3D-Printing-Metal-Casting-Molds-Patterns-Sand-3D-Printing 2

Acrylic Powder 3D Printing​

Maximum Size:

  • 1,000 x 600 x 500 mm

Available materials:

  • PMMA with wax infiltration

  • PMMA with epoxy infiltration

Suitable for:

  • Investment casting patterns

  • Large plastic models

Cad-Cast-Services-3D-Printing-Metal-Casting-Molds-Patterns-Acrylic-Power-3D-Printing 2
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