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Cad Cast

Metal 3D Printing

High end direct metal 3D printing

We offer 3D printing services in a variety of high grade metal alloys.

Direct metal printing Ideal for creating complex, topology optimized, mechanical components or injection tooling with conformal cooling.

All metal prints are normally provided with support structures already removed and basic bead blasting finish. However we can also provide various other post processing options, such as machining, polishing and screw hole threading.


Selective Laser Melting​

Maximum Size:

  • 250 x 250 x 325 mm

Available materials:

  • Aluminium - AlSi10Mg

  • Inconel - IN 625 & IN 718

  • Maraging Steel - MS1

  • Stainless Steel - 316L

  • Titanium - Ti64ELI

Suitable for:

  • Prototyping in production-grade materials

  • Functional, end-use parts

  • Reducing metal components in an assembly

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