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For more than 16 years, Matrix users have driven the creative possibilities of computerized jewelry design.

With Matrix, you deliver an uncompromised total custom design experience backed by unmatched manufacturing precision and productivity.

Trusted by more jewelry professionals than any other 3D design software, and taught at over 50 schools in 25 countries, Matrix sets the world standard for modern jewelry creation.

Now, the all new Matrix Version 9.0 is ready to help innovative jewelry artists and engineers like you drive the creative possibilities once again.


Clayoo 2.5

The next generation of organic modeling tools for creative 3D designers has arrived. Clayoo sells for $795. But for a limited time, Matrix 9.0 upgrades will include a full version of Clayoo 2.5, optimized to run inside Matrix. With this tool, you can design using SubD, Emboss, and the intuitive Sculpt method similar to carving and shaping clay.

Smart Pattern

This latest Smart Tools addition uses patterns to provide an impressive new modeling workflow. From complex to delicate, vintage to modern, arrange and adjust creative patterns flat and watch them apply automatically to your 3D model.

New Texture Builder

These new tools allow you to use any grayscale image to control and apply a displacement mesh to your design in 3D. Explore creative textures to cast on your piece or simulate hand-applied finishes for the ultimate in realistic rendering. Further manipulate your new texture mesh using Sculpt inside Clayoo for Matrix.


New Style Sheets

Redesigned Style Sheets allow enhanced management of your saved styles. You can set your own primary default and all new visual previews let you quickly search by look instead of a number.

Rope Builder

This new feature brings speed and simplicity to the previously time-consuming task of creating twisting rope designs.

V-Ray for Matrix

New features in V-Ray include an enhanced detailed technical render look and new ways to group similar gemstone types so you can navigate the condensed material menu faster and easier.


Gem Pricing

The all new Design Report can provide actual Stuller pricing of all the diamonds and gemstones used in your design and display them with your Stuller Showcase margins applied.

New Personal Libraries

In addition to Matrix's existing libraries such as profiles and Stuller findings, you can create your own custom user libraries to organize your 3D components and designs. When starting a new job, save time and money by visually searching for reusable components in your own library.

*No sale anymore​
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