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Voxeljet: Fast and precise 3D printers for industrial applications

The innovative 3D printing systems from voxeljet were developed specifically for industrial applications. They are ideal for manufacturing complex components, prototypes (rapid prototyping) and small-series components (rapid manufacturing) fully automatically and without tools. Users can print both highly detailed plastic models for investment casting and precise molds and cores for sand casting, depending on the printing system.

Benefits of voxeljet SYSTEMS:

  • Economic feasibility: 3D printing often turns out to be the most cost-effective manufacturing method, depending on the component geometry and size of the series.

  • Size advantages: voxeljet has the biggest industrial 3D printers in the world, making it possible to flexibly produce large individual molds, many small components, or a combination of the two.

  • Time savings: voxeljet offers high-performance 3D printing systems — they can shorten the component production time by as much as 75%, compared to classic toolmaking.

  • Experience: Founded in 1999, voxeljet has many years of experience as a manufacturer of 3D printing systems and offers a wide range of systems and processes.

The machines' rugged design makes them reliable, durable, and suitable for continuous operation. The proven layering process works with particulate materials made of plastic (PMMA) and sand. The machines are developed and built in Germany.


3D printing is used in the rapid development and (small-series) production of cast parts. The more complex the geometry, the more economical the parts are to produce with 3D printing. 3D-printed molds can be produced quickly and flexibly even when laminating CFRP molding materials and when optimizing components (to reduce weight or enhance functionality).


Voxeljet customers include prominent companies in the automotive, aerospace, engineering, shipbuilding, and heavy industries. However, 3D printing is also being used more and more in architecture, film, and art.



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