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Cad Cast

3D Printing


A 3D Printing Powerhouse

Cad Cast has a full array of Solidscape 3D printers ready to take on your most demanding jobs.

Our team of highly experienced technicians ensures you will reliably get the highest quality prints within the prescribed deadlines.

We take pride in protecting the Intellectual Property of our customers. Our clients trust us with their confidential designs and we have never failed them.

High Precision Prints

Thanks to our Solidscape printers, we are able to produce the finest and most detailed prints currently available:

  • High resolution (5000x5000x8000 DPI)

  • Surface finish up to 32 micro-inches RMS.

  • Layer heights from 6 to 50 microns.

  • Our dissolvable support material is removed easily and without leaving any marks on the model.


Fully Castable Material

Our Solidscape print material was specifically designed for investment casting applications:

  • Our prints offer the best casting performance in any metal, with 0% shrinkage and no deviation.

  • The wax-like properties insure a clean burnout with standard settings and no residue.

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