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FlashForge WaxJet printers are redefining the casting industry with the latest and fastest wax based 3D printer in the market.

Use the latest technology for the precision casting of your products, whether that be jewelry or precision engineering parts. No headaches with designing under the limitations of support creation, just design and let the software and printer generate the printed part. Once done, dissolve the supports in a solution getting clean prints ready for direct casting in no time at all.


WaxJet 400

"With the multijet printing technology manufacture up to 350 rings in a day of printing in directly castable wax, giving the clients superior finishing on all casted products."

WaxJet 410

"Designed to be a perfect match for a Middle-sized manufacturer printing approximately 200-250 ring models per day. Superior wax printing with no support generation hassle's, making production simple."

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